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Measurable effects of the system
  • Increasing quality in the organization through implementation of modern control, inspection and internal audit processes enabling the detection of abnormal and undesirable situations in an irreversible, dispersed process in real-time.
  • Minimizing operating costs by reducing time needed to prepare and distribute materials and tools for carrying out control activities by replacing them with electronic versions with the option of later edition.

  • Increasing the efficiency of employees responsible for inspections and audits thanks to the tools for fast and error-free data collection, protecting against the omission of key information and introducing the ability to schedule work.

  • Elimination of errors, fraud and fraud in the control process, by forcing only logically acceptable answers, registration of data collection metadata, reading data in the form of barcodes and QR codes, reading data using NFC, photos with recorded execution time.

  • Shortening the time of analysis of collected data by 100%, through their automatic analysis by the central system immediately when new data from inspections, reviews, etc.

inwentaryzacja środków trwałych

Application appearance


Why our system?
  • Building and managing electronic surveys with the option of assigning surveys to contractors, facilities and users.
  • Building and managing validated questions: selection from the list, text content, number content, barcode or QR scan, NFC scan, photo, selection from an external list.
  • Collecting data in electronic form using a web browser (on-line version) or an application for Android with the possibility of working in off-line mode (without continuous access to the network). The application is also planned for iOS.
  • Unit reports - viewing the results of individual inspections with the option of exporting data and generating printouts in PDF format.
  • General reports - viewing and generating electronic reports with automatic data analysis and the ability to generate printouts in PDF format.
  • User and access rights management.
  • Object list management.
  • Managing system dictionaries.


inwentaryzacja środków trwałych

Simple price list, no hidden fees

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  • Cloud (MS Azure)
  • from 26,00 EUR per 1 user per month (1)
  • 1 GB data per user (2)
  • no installation costs
  • no upgrade costs
  • help-desk on-line
  • On-premise
  • from 21,00 EUR per 1 user per month (1)
  • no limit
  • installation fee (3)
  • upgrade fee (4)
  • help-desk on-line






      1. The given prices are net prices. The prices provided are for a subscription for 3 months paid in advance.
      2. Each subsequent 1GB of data costs 1,25 EUR net per month.
      3. The cost of remote installation and configuration of the system in the client's resources is 750,00 EUR net.
      4. The cost of remote installation of system updates in the client's resources is 125,00 EUR net.

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