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Digital calipers IP67

Next big step in development of icmInspector! You can faster make quality inspections your products in manufacturing by using SYLVAC bluetooth calipers. Your measurements will be automatically sent to the inspection form. No mistakes and 4 times faster than manually rewriting the results.


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How to? - Objective quality control.
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How to? - Objective quality control.

Quality control helping to improve quality of the product must be objective. If quality control process allows a subjective possibility of assessment, we automatically increase the risk that individual batches of the product will be different from each other and their quality will depend on the person performing the control and not on the requirements and assumptions posed to our product. So how do you build an objective quality control scenario?

How to? - 5S (Lean Manufacturing) with icmInspector?
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How to? - 5S (Lean Manufacturing) with icmInspector?

5S is a set of techniques and methods aimed at establishing and maintaining high quality jobs. 5S is at the same time one of the basic tools of Lean Manufacturing and Lean Management, because it is directly related to the proper organization of work environment, improvement of organizational culture of the company and – very importantly - allows to increase process stability.

How to? - Good scenario of product quality control.
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How to? - Good scenario of product quality control.

One of very important elements of the quality improvement process is quality control process. Quality control process itself consists of many elements, but its most important element is the scenario. How quality control scenario is prepared determines whether t entire control process will have a positive effect on the quality of the product or - on the contrary - will reduce it. So how do you prepare a good quality control scenario?

icmInspector mobile application vs standard work
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icmInspector mobile application vs standard work


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