Measurable effects of the system

Improvment of quality in the organization

through the implementation of modern control, inspection and interial audit processes that allow for the detection of irregular and undesirable situations in an unreliable, dispersed way and in real time.

Minimalization of operating costs

by shortening the time of preparation and distribution of materials and tools for control activities by replacing them with electronic versions with the possibility of their subsequent editing.

Increase the efficiency of employees

responsible for controls and audits thanks to tools of fast and flawless data collection, protecting against omission of key information and introducing the possibility of scheduling work. 

Eliminate errors, abuses and fraud

in the control process, by enforcing only logically permissible responses, recording metadata of data collection, reding data in the form of barcodes and QR, reading data using NFC, photos with saved lead time.


Planning in real time

on the basis of the inspection results that flow into the system in real time we can make the most accurate decisions and react immediately to the irregularities found.


Reduction of data analysis time

by nearly 90% thanks to mechanisms of automatic analysis of recived data and notification of detected irregularities.


Automatic work scheduling 

thanks to built-in tools for creating work plans, the system is able to automatically create work schedules for ang period of time, any pool of locations, scripts and distribute tasks to individual employees.


Online access to all data

through mechanisms for making all collected data available in electronic form in individual, aggregated and analytical terms.


Application appearance


Why our system?

Building and managig validated questions including list selection, multiple list selection, text type content, number type content, bar code or QR scan, NFC scan, low or high quality photo, on-screen signature, file addition, date selection and more.

Individual reports allow you to view the results of individual inspections with the ability to export data, share data as a link and generate printouts in PDF format.

Analytic reports allow for a review of data in an aggregated from with visualization on pie and line diagrams with the possibility of making data available on-line or exporting to CSV files. 

Matrix reports allow you to view data in tabular from with the possibility to share data on-line, export data to CSV and generate printouts in PDF format.

Collection of data in electronic form by means of web browser (on-line version) or Android application with the possibility of working off-line (without continuous network access). The application is also planned for iOS.

Scheduling of work on the basis of previously prepared plans assigned to facilities, script and emloyees, taking into account the minimum number of inspections, the order of inspections and the employees' working time.

Automatic data analysis on the basis of prepared script indicating irregularities and modelling of automatic notification of their detection.

Managing  statuses of corrective actions on the basis of previously detected irregularities, system builds a history of events with the possibility of adding descriptions of actions taken and assigning individual statuses.

Simple price list, no hidden fees

Do you need more information? Write to our consultants via chat.
  • Cloud
  • 1 GB data per user (2)
  • no installation costs
  • no upgrade costs
  • help-desk on-line
  • from 26,00 EUR
    for one user per month(1)
  •  On-premise
  • no data limit 
  • installation fee (3)
  • upgrade fee (4)
  • help-desk on-line 
  • from 21,00 EUR
    for one user per month(1)
  1. The prices quoted are net prices. the prices quoted refer to a subscription for 3 months payable in advance. 
  2. Each additional 1GB of data costs 1.50 EUR net per month.
  3. The cost of remote installation and configuration of the system in the Client's resources is 750,00 EUR net.
  4. The cost of remote installation of system updates in the Client's resources is 125.00 EUR net.

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icmGate for ZEBRA Partners
icmGate for ZEBRA Partners

Last week you could read about our icmGate software in the ZEBRA NEWS newsletter. We want to remind you of a special promotion for all ZEBRA partners around the world. icmGate for ZEBRA RFID reades is ZEBRA validated software for ZEBRA RFID readers.

icmInspector - BHP
icmInspector - BHP

You are welcome to do a test or send us your scenario, which we will configure in our system and provide a completely free DEMO version.

icmInspector - 5S
icmInspector - 5S

We encourage you to make a test or to send us your scenario, which we will configure in our system and provide you with a completely free DEMO version


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