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How does icmInspector protect us against the effects of COVID-19?

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Every company has been affected in some way by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each company also began to take measures to minimize the threats that began to appear as a result of COVID-19. The icmInspector system is a tool that, in certain areas, perfectly helps us protect ourselves against certain threats, and more precisely with the effects of sudden and temporary absences of employees from the company.

One of the effects of COVID-19 is unplanned, sudden temporary absences of employees from the company, we are talking about quarantines, caring for children staying at home as part of distance learning or the closure of kindergartens or nurseries, and the potential hospitalization of employees. In the case of employees in the areas of quality control and production maintenance, their sudden absence can grossly destabilize control and production processes. This is where the icmInspector system comes in handy, thanks to the digitization of these processes, to a large extent protects the company against the described events.

Absences of quality control staff.

If a company does not have digital quality control tools and implements these processes based on paper documentation, which can be supplemented by trained employees with long experience, in their absence, it runs the risk of the problem that in a short time it cannot implement these processes because it is not able to replace people who perform these processes.

The solution is the icmInspector system, which in this area provides:

Absence of maintenance workers.

Lack of digitization in the maintenance processes may lead to serious failures and long downtimes due to the absence of maintenance workers. We are talking about the lack of implementation of planned reviews because the knowledge about what should be verified and how it is only in the mind of absent employees or the lack of possibility to change production machines because knowledge about such procedures also remains in the minds of absent people.

The solution is the icmInspector system, which in this area provides:

The areas described above can be protected against the effects of COVID-19 thanks to the icmInspector system. The implementation of the icmInspector system takes about 5 business days. The system is delivered in the form of a subscription, which allows you to use it without any financial investments.



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